TEDxESEI School Barcelona Speakers:

Olga Andrienko


Olga is the VP of Brand Marketing at Semrush. She is one of the key marketing leaders who has grown Semrush from a small startup to a public company and leader in Martech it is today. She is on judging panels for marketing awards across USA and Europe and speaks at major industry conferences like SMX and BrightonSEO. Her quotes on online user behavior appear in media such as Business Insider and The Washington Post. She has also inspired hundreds of people to work on their personal brands worldwide with her LinkedIn course “Get Known”.

Topic:There is No Dream Job: How Embracing Uncertainty Fuels Growth”

Dr. Elena Emma


Dr. Elena Emma, a crisis coach, entrepreneur, and educator, has dedicated the last 12 years to humanizing organizations and advocating for an apprenticeship approach to entrepreneurial education. In this talk, she will introduce a biomimicry-inspired perspective on organizational structures.

Topic:Manage Like A Human: Short Guide to Business Anatomy”

Ronen Lamdan


Ronen Lamdan is a visionary in AI-powered automation, artificial intelligence, and transformative digital operations. His journey spans leadership roles at tech behemoths like Microsoft, IBM, and NetSuite, steering them towards pioneering innovations while helping clients transform their operations leveraging emerging intelligent automation, analytics and smart automation capabilities. As CEO at Laiye International, a leading AI startup, he helmed global expansion into emerging territories and scaled sales growth. Previously he served as 3-time Chief Revenue Officer at early stage startups spanning People Analytics, Strategy Execution and AI. Currently, he is an advisor to several global startups, guiding CEOs and teams through the maze of sales growth, global expansion, Go To Market strategy, Channel strategy, and digital disruption. With a rich tapestry of experiences across industries, Ronen encapsulates the fusion of technological prowess and strategic revenue mastery.

Topic:AI: Not the Hero, Not the Villain, But the Wingman We Need”

Ole Thijs Kramer


Ole is an alumnus of the BA program from ESEI Business School and has a Master’s in International Business and an MBA. He worked as a teaching assistant focusing on the circular economy and sustainability. Ole’s true passion lies in driving the mission of his startup, Neworn. He is the co-founder and works as the head of growth. Neworn is an online marketplace for second-hand baby clothes. While buying and selling on Neworn you earn loyalty points that give discounts for sustainable brands. Neworn is focused on reducing clothing waste and helping sustainable brands to grow. They partnered up with 25 companies. Ole is a board member of VVJO an association for young entrepreneurs. He organizes events to bring people together and create solutions.

Mehdi Choolaei


I’m a principal scientist at Ceres Power, a leading UK cleantech company. I lead the development of our next-gen fuel cell and hydrogen tech, SteelCell®, facilitating the transition away from fossil fuels to combat climate change. Before Ceres, I co-founded a company called Carbon Nanotechnology and Energy, pioneering nanomaterials for industrial applications and biosensors, including micromechanical biosensors for early bladder cancer detection. I hold a PhD in fuel/electrolysis cell tech and led the development of innovative anion-exchange membranes in a UK EPSRC consortium grant.

Topic:Making Complex Simple and Simple Interesting”

Harry Waters


Harry Waters is an award-winning teacher-trainer whose passion for the planet and obsession for learning led him to create the platform Renewable English. He hopes to empower future generations to have their voices heard he also likes second-hand shirts and can frequently be found wearing a hat.

Topic:Embracing Big Climate Emotions to Empower Change”

Marina Kuperman Villatoro


Marina Kuperman Villatoro is a serial  entrepreneur, podcaster, and educator for over 25 years.

Combining her love of entrepreneurialism and social justice she saw that there is a huge gap in kids’ education, and taught an ‘Entrepreneurship for Kids’ course. As part of a class project, she became a TEDx organizer (one of the few that included teens in an outdoor venue in the world). 

Topic:Open Minds, Changed Worlds: The Power of Supporting a Child

Martina Guzmán - Speech Coach for TEDxESEI School Barcelona Speakers


Pitch Coach and Master Trainer of the Best3Minutes methodology, Purpose-Driven Entrepreneur, former Startup founder, Professor, Business mentor & passionate about empowering women

I help startups, women entrepreneurs and professionals to generate new business opportunities and to obtain resources and investments for their projects and ideas.