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Olga is the VP of Brand Marketing at Semrush. She is one of the key marketing leaders who has grown Semrush from a small startup to a public company and leader in Martech it is today. She is on judging panels for marketing awards across USA and Europe and speaks at major industry conferences like SMX and BrightonSEO. Her quotes on online user behavior appear in media such as Business Insider and The Washington Post. She has also inspired hundreds of people to work on their personal brands worldwide with her LinkedIn course "Get Known".

Unveiling First Set of Stellar Speaker Lineup

Circle October 26 on your calendars because an exciting event is coming at ESEI. This event marks a significant milestone for ESEI as we step boldly into the world of TEDx. Our theme, “Embracing Tomorrow,” embodies progress, change, and the limitless possibilities that lie ahead. We are thrilled to introduce you to the first set of speakers who will take the stage and inspire you with their ideas and experiences.

Unveiling the First Set of Stellar Speaker Lineup:

Olga Andrienko – Vice President of Brand Marketing at Semrush

Olga Andrienko is not just a marketing maven; she’s a trailblazer in the world of Martech. As the Vice President of Brand Marketing at Semrush, she has played a pivotal role in transforming a small startup into a public company and a leader in the ever-evolving field of Martech. Olga’s journey is inspirational, and her contributions to the industry are substantial.

But Olga’s influence extends beyond her role at Semrush. She’s a respected figure on judging panels for marketing awards in the USA and Europe, making her an authority in the field. Her insights into online user behavior have been featured in prestigious publications such as Business Insider and The Washington Post. Furthermore, Olga’s commitment to personal branding is truly remarkable.

She has inspired countless individuals worldwide through her LinkedIn course, “Get Known.” Her story is a testament to the power of innovation and dedication in the digital landscape.

Dr. Elena Emma – Crisis Coach, Entrepreneur, and Educator

Dr. Elena Emma is a visionary who has spent the last 12 years advocating for a more humanized approach to education and organizational structures. Her dedication to promoting an apprenticeship approach to entrepreneurial education is inspiring and transformative. In her upcoming talk, Dr. Elena Emma will introduce a perspective on organizational structures inspired by the principles of biomimicry.

Elena’s vision challenges traditional education and offers a fresh outlook on the future of organizations and learning. Her presence at TEDx ESEI is bound to be a source of enlightenment and inspiration for all who attend.

Ronen Lamdan – Visionary in AI-powered automation and Digital Transformation

The age of artificial intelligence and automation is upon us, and Ronen Lamdan stands at the forefront of this technological revolution. With an illustrious career that includes leadership roles at tech giants like Microsoft, IBM, and NetSuite, Ronen has been instrumental in steering these companies toward pioneering innovations. He has also guided clients seeking to transform their operations using emerging intelligent automation, analytics, and smart automation capabilities.

As the CEO of Laiye International, a leading AI startup, he spearheaded global expansion into emerging territories and scaled sales growth significantly. Ronen’s remarkable career includes three-time stints as Chief Revenue Officer at early-stage startups across various industries, ranging from People Analytics to Strategy Execution and AI. He is an advisor to several global startups, where he imparts invaluable insights on sales growth, global expansion, Go-To-Market strategy, Channel strategy, and digital disruption. His vast array of experiences across industries beautifully encapsulates the fusion of technological prowess and strategic revenue mastery.

Mehdi Choolaei Leading Innovation in Clean Technology: Ceres Power’s Principal Scientist

 Meet Mehdi Choolaei, a pioneering force in sustainable energy solutions and principal scientist at Ceres Power, a prominent UK-based technology licensing company. Dedicated to providing cleaner energy solutions for businesses, households, and transportation, Mehdi spearheads the development of groundbreaking fuel cell and hydrogen electrolyzer technology, SteelCell®, leading the charge toward a more sustainable future.

With a strong entrepreneurial spirit, he co-founded Carbon Nanotechnology and Energy, innovating large-scale production methods for nanomaterials and bio-sensors for early bladder cancer detection. His relentless pursuit of knowledge culminated in a Ph.D. in

fuel and electrolysis cell technologies, where he led the development of novel radiation-grafted membranes for diverse electrochemical applications. Mehdi’s unwavering commitment to sustainability underscores his profound impact on combating environmental challenges and shaping a greener world for future generations.

So, the stage is set, and the countdown begins for a day that promises to be nothing short of extraordinary.

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