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The Power of TEDx: Fostering Ideas Worth Spreading Locally

In the realm of knowledge and inspiration, TEDx stands as a beacon of localized brilliance. These independently organized events are a testament to the profound impact of ideas worth spreading. TEDx, where ‘x’ signifies an independently organized TED event, brings communities together for a TED-like experience that leaves lasting impressions.

About TEDx, x = independently organized event

TEDx events are a part of the larger TED ecosystem, characterized by self-organization and a shared commitment to intellectual exploration. The TED Conference provides overarching guidance for the TEDx program, yet it’s the individual event organizers who breathe life into these gatherings. They curate a unique blend of TED Talks videos and live speakers, setting the stage for deep discussions and meaningful connections.

TED, the nonprofit organization that birthed TEDx, is dedicated to Ideas Worth Spreading. It’s a hub for short, impactful talks delivered by leading thinkers and doers. These talks find their platform at TED Conferences, intimate TED Salons, and a multitude of independently organized TEDx events worldwide. The talks, both video and audio formats, are made available for free on, ensuring that knowledge knows no bounds.

TED’s commitment to open and free knowledge-sharing extends to several initiatives. is a dynamic space where new TED Talk videos emerge daily, offering a constant source of fresh perspectives. The TED Fellows program identifies innovators globally, empowering them to amplify the reach of their extraordinary projects. The Audacious Project is a beacon for ideas with the potential to impact millions of lives, providing them with the support they need. Additionally, the TED Translators Program bridges language barriers, making sure that powerful ideas resonate across the globe.

Joining this remarkable movement of spreading ideas worth sharing, ESEI International Business School’s community is set to host their inaugural TEDx event on October 26th.

With a mission to inspire and ignite intellectual curiosity, ESEI is embracing the essence of TEDx. By organizing this event, ESEI is adding its voice to a global chorus of communities united by the common pursuit of knowledge, innovation, and transformative ideas.

This inaugural event promises to be a celebration of diverse perspectives and a platform for local voices to resonate on a global scale. It embodies the spirit of TEDx – an event that is by the community, for the community, and with the community. Attendees can expect a day filled with thought-provoking talks, engaging discussions, and opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals passionate about making a difference.

Fostering Ideas Worth Spreading Locally

In a world where ideas have the power to shape the future, TEDx serves as a catalyst for change at the local level. By bringing people together, sparking conversations, and fostering connections, TEDx events play a crucial role in spreading ideas that have the potential to transform lives and communities. ESEI’s inaugural TEDx event is poised to be a remarkable addition to this global movement, leaving an indelible mark on those who attend. Embrace the power of TEDx and join us on October 26th for an event that promises to inspire, ignite, and leave you with ideas worth spreading.

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